Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh The Places We Will Go...

These are the places we enjoy:

1. The Children's Museum
2. The Zoo
3. Botanical Gardens
4. Lowe's
5. Target
6. The Mall
7. most restaurants (The kids are well behaved if they are eating.)
8. Therapy places
9. Hospitals
10. museums
11. walks
12. parks

Now the place I would like to add to that list is church. When I was Jack and Ingrid's ages, I spent several days a week at church. I loved the building and the people. I have memories about Sunday school, Wednesday night suppers, Friday family game nights, Family camps, well, a lot of things. I want that for Jack and Ingrid, but it is difficult to make this happen.

I have emailed pastors and met with them, and they told me Jack is needed in the church family. (I was actually asking them to recommend more special-needs friendly churches.) But Jack is not welcome in childcare during church, so we are only invited to Sunday school. We have tried to have him attend church with us (the pastors encouraged this explaining everyone is welcome), but I felt uncomfortable. There were lots of questioning looks from people. I still feel like our family is viewed as such unwanted outsiders by many people in the church.

A special-needs ministry is not offered in so many congregations. It may not be necessary in all churches, but I think we need to find a place where all four of the Busbys have a place and are loved just the way we are.


Ashley said...

Girl, I feel the same way about feeling uncomfortable visiting a church where we don't know anyone --and no one in our family is special needs.

You would think in today's world people would be more willing to outreach to children who are different from themselves. I always make an extended effort to at least smile a big smile to a child, and the child's parent(s), if I can that I can tell the child is special needs. I want Knox to grow up to see past everyone's differences!

Hope you find a place that you can call your church home soon!

*Jill* said...

HE'S NOT WELCOME in childcare??? I am so sorry. As if Jack doesn't have enough obstacles to overcome, worship should not be one of them!

Molly had to find another church with more welcoming childcare for she and Joshua. They refused to FEED HIM!

I pray God will lead you to the right congregation for you.

Erin said...

This makes me so sad. I'm really praying that somehow a solution presents itself. There should absolutely be a way for Jack (and the rest of you) to participate fully in a church.